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News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Officially Put into Operation


On July 23, Winggtech Technology Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was officially put into operation, which greatly alleviated the capacity tension of Wingtech Technology communication business and help Wingtech promote production capacity to meet the growing demand of global customers.


Wingtech Technology Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park's products include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV, remote control, headphones, IoT and other intelligent terminal products, the customers are the world's top five consumer electronics brands. The whole park is built according to the industry-leading intelligent factory standard, with large-scale application of automation equipment and robots in each production line, committed to building the largest intelligent manufacturing industrial center in western China, radiating to the global market, and will become one of the world's most important intelligent manufacturing plants of 5G terminals after completion.




Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of Wingtech Technology, said that the strategy of Wingtech is divided into three stages: the first stage, the field of ODM system integration from the consumer field to the industry, IoT field, automotive electronics field product expansion, more products, more customers, greater sales, making ODM business into a powerful hardware traffic platform. In the second stage, Wingtech will accelerate vertical integration. Through merger and acquisition, integration and self-development, Wingtech will integrate and develop more components in the field of semiconductor and components, so as to increase our own supply capacity and form a safe and controllable supply system. In the third stage, Wingtech will take semiconductor as the leader, increase investment, enhance innovation ability, enable components and system integration, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the whole machine products, provide customers with products that no one else has, and establish the moat of the company. Our goal is to promote the strategic transformation of Wingtech from the Professional Solution Company to a Great Product Company.


Wingtech Technology is a global leading semiconductor and communications product integration company. Wingtech’s main business includes semiconductor IDM, optical module and communication product integration. It has formed a full industrial chain layout of semiconductor chip design, wafer manufacturing, assembly and test, semiconductor equipment, optical module, communication terminal, server, laptop, IoT, automotive electronic product R&D and manufacturing.


Wingtech's communications product integration business includes mobile phones, servers, tablets, laptops, IoT, smart hardware and other fields. The customers we served are all global top brands, and we have established cooperative relationship with most of the mainstream brands and kept deepening it. 

Wingtech Technology had constructed production bases in Wuxi, Jiaxing, India and Indonesia. The opeing of Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will increase the supply capacity of Wingtech's own components and terminals, strengthen the advantages of the hardware platform of the product integration business of Wingtech Communications industry, and promote the strategic transformation of Wingtech from a service company to a product company.

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