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News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology Made Comprehensive Layout of Automotive Electronics Business, Strides from Vehicle Semiconductor Supplier to Tier1 Automotive Supplier


Recently, Wingtech Technology intelligent cockpit products have successfully passed the customer audit and entered the prototype stage. This is an important step for Wingtech Technology to lay out its automotive electronics business and move forward from a vehicle specification semiconductor supplier to an Tier1 automotive supplier.

According to Chen Yulai, general manager of Wingtech Technology communication business BG3 vehicle business department, the goal of Wingtech vehicle product line is to develop into a pre loading specification solution provider for intelligent vehicles and intelligent travel in the automotive electronics industry, and provide customers with a complete set of solutions from software to hardware and manufacturing (including but not limited to intelligent cockpit Innovative product R&D in the field of intelligent networking and automatic driving).


Wingtech Technology intelligent cockpit domain controller

1. A vehicle level intelligent cockpit domain controller developed by Wingtech.

2. For parts with different security levels, Linux, Android and QNX can be used for adaptation, with high modular development efficiency.

3. It meets the functional safety standard of vehicle level, and the whole system reaches ASIL-B level

4. Full stack application integration platform, perfect integration of AUTOSAR, Gigabit Ethernet and home / IP.

5. It can carry 8 screens on one core, and perfectly integrate instrument, Infotainment, HUD, DMS, streaming media rearview mirror, second row screen, etc.

6. Modular vehicle OTA and integrated Tbox realize common functions such as remote control, electronic fence and 360.


Wingtech Technology autopilot domain controller

1. A vehicle specification level intelligent driving domain controller developed by Wingtech can realize L2 + level automatic assisted driving, and is suitable for many mainstream models in the market. It is under real vehicle tests.

2. It meets the functional safety standard of vehicle regulation level, and the whole system has reached ASIL-D level.

3. With the help of high computing power processor, the self-developed multi-sensor fusion AI algorithm realizes the perfect integration of camera, lidar and millimeter wave radar, cooperates with high-precision positioning partners, and carries the real vehicle verification of many domestic and overseas mainstream vehicle enterprises.

4. It is equipped with self-developed cloud servers to create cloud services with the highest security level. The cooperation mode is flexibly selected according to the needs of the vehicle manufacturers and Tier1.

5. Full stack transplantation can reduce the development burden for partners and accelerate the product market.

Intelligent electric vehicle is the golden track of the automobile industry in the next 5-10 years. In recent years, the development trend of the automotive industry towards electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing has become more and more significant, and its market prospect is considerable. Intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent vehicle networking have become a new breakthrough point for automotive electronics enterprises to achieve rapid development.

According to McKinsey's statistics, at present, automotive software and electronics account for 10% of the whole vehicle value of large vehicles. In the future, it is expected to increase at the rate of 11% per year. By 2030, it is expected to account for 30% of the whole vehicle, and the growth rate has far exceeded the whole vehicle market.

Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, is a leading semiconductor IDM company in the world. Headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, its product portfolio includes diodes, bipolar transistors, ESD protection devices, MOSFET devices, gallium nitride field effect transistors (GaN FETs), analog ICs and logic ICs. It can deliver more than 90 billion products every year, which meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry. Its products are widely recognized in the industry in terms of efficiency (such as process, size, power and performance). It has advanced small-size packaging technology, which can effectively save power consumption and space.

Nexperia maintains long-term and close cooperation with Tier1 suppliers such as Bosch and other major car manufacturers. In the context of global IC shortage, Nexperia provides a solid and powerful guarantee for the development of automotive products.


Chen Yulai said: "Wingtech Technology's communication business sector is a global leader in the intelligent hardware ODM industry. On the basis of maintaining Wingtech Technology's existing leading communication product integration ecological chain, plus Nexperia’s vehicle specification chips and devices, advanced packaging technology and advanced optical imaging technology, Wingtech Technology has the opportunity to go deep into intelligent automobile customers and end clients, establish a complete set of solutions for automotive electronic ODM integrated products that are fully developed by Wingtech, and promote the transformation of Wingtech Technology from a semiconductor chip supplier (Nexperia) to an automotive Tier1 supplier. "

It is reported that Wingtech Technology communication business BG3 – the vehicle business unit has established an innovative vehicle R&D system, and the team is full of executives and technical giants from OEMs and Tier1. The whole vehicle team has a scale of nearly 100 people. In terms of intelligent cockpit, intelligent Internet connection and autopilot, Wingtech has established cooperative relations with upstream and downstream ecological chains such as many mainframe manufacturers, Tier1 and chip suppliers.

Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of Wingtech Technology, said that the strategy of Wingtech is divided into three stages: the first stage, the field of ODM system integration from the consumer field to the industry, IoT field, automotive electronics field product expansion, more products, more customers, greater sales, making ODM business into a powerful hardware traffic platform. In the second stage, Wingtech will accelerate vertical integration. Through merger and acquisition, integration and self-development, Wingtech will integrate and develop more components in the field of semiconductor and components, so as to increase our own supply capacity and form a safe and controllable supply system. In the third stage, Wingtech will take semiconductor as the leader, increase investment, enhance innovation ability, enable components and system integration, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the whole machine products, provide customers with products that no one else has, and establish the moat of the company. Our goal is to promote the strategic transformation of Wingtech from the Professional Solution Company to a Great Product Company.

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