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News of Wingtech

Collaborative Innovation, Broadening the Boundary, Wingtech Technology Launched SiP Products


On September 4th, Nexperia (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, held a SiP product launch ceremony and announced the successful launch of Nexperia 5G PA, TWS, IoT module and other SiP products.


System in Package technology is designed to realize the high integration of multiple system functions in a single product. With the help of advanced packaging and high-precision SMT process, several bare chips and micro passive devices manufactured by different integrated circuit processes will be bonded into an integrated substrate in 2D and 3D to form a functional device. SiP can provide better function, price and size, shorten the marketing cycle, achieve high performance density, integrate large value passive components, and use chip combination most effectively.

Although the proportion of SiP packaging has gradually increased and there are various types, there is still a threshold for entering this filed. Since SiP is a highly integrated technology, involving a wide range of aspects, covering the fields of IC substrate materials, packaging and stacking technology, module design, system integration and multi-chip testing, it is necessary to integrate the knowledge and technology in different fields in order to promote it smoothly. If the relevant fields cannot be carefully connected, some links will be difficult to break through and the product can't be carried out successfully.


Wingtech has industry-leading SMT, system integration design capability and strong customer base. Nexperia has system level assembling and testing capability. Combined with the advantages of both sides, it can integrate the two traditional production links of assembly and test and SMT patch, realize the advantages of SiP packaging capability, and quickly import SiP packaging technology into mobile phones, tablets, laptops, IoT and intelligent hardware to serve our customers in various fields. Hence it has significant development potential.


Wing Zhang, chairman of Wingtech Technology, Commented: “With semiconductor as our leading business, we will increase investment, enhance collaborative innovation capability, empower component and system integration, comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of our products, provide customers with excellent products that no one else has, and establish a company moat.”

SiP sets a model of collaborative innovation between Wingtech's semiconductor business and product integration business. The launch of SiP products is an important step for Nexperia to enter the SiP field and broaden its business boundary. At present, Wingtech Technology has applied many SiP products of Nexperia including 5G PA SiP、TWS SiP、Cat1 IoT Module、Cat4 IoT Module、65W GaN Charging SiP in a variety of hardware products, and the testing round and market feedback achieved great results. As the world's leading semiconductor IDM and communication product integration enterprise, Wingtech Technology will broaden the edge of traditional SiP products. Relying on our design ability, we march on from product definition to R&D and packaging, give full play to the leading advantages of ODM to launch systematic solutions, which will grant us great advantages and opportunities in the SiP market.

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